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There Are Valuable Training Programs to Become Cosmetology Instructors Right in Chicago

There are many career paths that an individual can take within the cosmetology field; career paths do not end for these individuals after state licensure and employment at salons. Cosmetology is taught by professionals that previously worked in the field; being one of these teachers is a career option for licensed cosmetologists that involved more education, training, and additional licensure. The general requirement to become a cosmetology teacher is to gain further education experience in both cosmetology and education in the form of an associate’s degree or certificate. This can be done in separate programs or joint programs. The type of program necessary is dependent on state licensure board requirements and where the individual wishes to teach (private v. public schools). A typical teacher training for cosmetology chicago il program looks like a basic certificate program that prepare individuals for the licensure exam.

Cosmetology instructor programs are designed to teach cosmetologists how to best teach and assist students. They will learn things such as, how to communicate effectively while doing live demonstrations, how to guide students while they preform haircuts on clients, and how to teach theoretical courses. Students will learn more skills in a varied area of cosmetology, hair style/cutting, make-up, and nails as well as more knowledge of the business and marketing side of the industry.

There are several schools in Chicago offering Basic Certificate programs that teach individuals these skills and give them well-rounded knowledge of the industry and teaching. Some schools offer programs specific to job prospects such as programs tailored to becoming a Barber teacher, Cosmetology teacher, and Esthetics teacher. Most programs in Chicago are 1000 hours programs that can be completed in either a year with a full-time commitment or two with part-time commitment. Some programs are also designed to enable students to continue working while studying. These programs are designed to teach individuals what they need to know in order to obtain a Cosmetology Teacher’s License. The course work is typically broken down into categories: Post-graduate school training, Educational Psychology, and Teaching Methods. Programs broken down like this are dual programs in Chicago that are said to prepare student to pass the licensure exam.

To find similar programs to these in or around Chicago there is a website that makes the search easy. Use a search engine to find programs that are a good fit for you. This and others break down the education and licensure requirements, as well of salary and job outlook statistics.

There is an expected growth in demand for cosmetology instructors in the coming years by around 62 percent. Considering this job outlook looking into teacher training programs can be a wise career more for licensed cosmetologist. There are great programs available right in Chicago and cosmetologist could advance their careers while continuing to work. Once students complete a Basic Certificate course they are eligible to pass a state Cosmetology Teacher licensure exam and then teach a range of courses in the cosmetology field.